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    National Radon Action Month Information

    What Is Radon Testing All About?

    Since January is National Radon Action Month (according to the US Environmental Protection Agency), it's timely for me to cover this serious subject, as it relates to homes quite a bit. 

    Radon - What Is It’s Deal?

    Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that is naturally released from the ground and soil. Over time radon can begin to enter a home through cracks in the basement, foundation, crawl space etc. and with long exposure can cause lung cancer. Nothing to joke about. 

    Radon testing is very common in Illinois, especially in the suburbs of Chicago. Most inspectors have access to a radon database that will show you average reading levels in certain parts of the city and surrounding areas. This is by no means a reason to or not to get a radon test but just another data point in your personal decision making. 

    ?Radon tests can cost between $200-$500 depending on the tester. 

    ? Radon testing takes about 48 hours to complete.

    If you're looking for a recommendation, my guy Larry Radon can get all of the above done for you: (847) 975-6334.

    If Radon Results Do Come Back High

    If radon results do come back high—mitigation can be relatively easy and inexpensive, or the opposite depending on the existing basement conditions. If there is a concrete basement (finished or unfinished), setting up a venting system might only be like $1500-$2500. If there is a crawl space that hasn’t been encapsulated yet, mitigation companies usually charge by the square foot. So mitigation can get pricey depending on the size of the surface area.

    Most of the time radon inspectors do not do mitigation, but most of these companies are priced pretty similarly if you did want to price shop.

    If you'd like to reach out and see about working with Dorazio Real Estate, here's how to contact us!